Biography - Apostolia Papadamaki

Apostolia Papadamaki - Choreographer-Director || Αποστολία Παπαδαμάκη Χορογράφος-Σκηνοθέτης

Born in Thessaloniki - raised in Alexandroupolis, Greece, Apostolia as a child dreamed to become a choreographer. Since there was no dance school at that moment in Alexandroupolis, Apostolia turned into gymnastics, music and nature. She got a B.A in Physical Education and Sports with honors and entered the State School of Dance in Athens at the age of 21 without any previous dance experience as a unique talent in choreography. She got her dance-choreography diploma with honors and won the 1st prize at the Rallou Manou choreography competition. Under scholarships from the A. Onassis foundation and the Goulanris foundation she studied new dance techniques and choreography for 4 years in New York (Movement Research).

Since then Apostolia has been directing large scale projects (12th Paralympic games opening ceremony, Athens 2004, Drops of Breath Underwater Dance Performance) but also small scale-personal projects (Uninhabited – Delos 2012) continuously researching and creating, collaborating with philosophers, scientists, other artists and organizations, directing festivals, creating community projects, working with and without disabilities, training volunteers, giving workshops, seminars, lectures and believes that everybody can express themselves through ART.

An ongoing life learner, Apostolia studied Hatha Yoga at Jivamukti Center –New York and Alexander Technique with Shelley Shenter. Being a lover of arts and movement she also studied Shamanic Practices, Physical Theater, Ai ki Do, Scuba Diving, Japanese Tea Ceremony, Reiki, Craniosacral Therapy and many more, collaborating with inspiring artists, musicians, and teachers in many lands. 

Endowed with profound spiritual insight and being thankful to life, Apostolia founded The Happiness Retreat to share her knowledge,experience and joy with other beautiful souls.

After 20 years of ongoing studies and research on movement Apostolia, founded Biomatic Anatomy method, an holistic approach to mindfull movement & breath that is incorporated to all her teachings. She believes that everybody is a potential artist, everybody can find fulfillment through movement, every body can be a healer of his shelf. In her methods there are no boundaries of age, body structure, nationality, identity.

Currently she is choreographing for Theatre, Opera and Films, teaching Impulse Dance & Biomatic Anatomy as well as designing tailor-made corporate and wellness events for foundations and organisations worldwide. 



Dance-choreography diploma (honors) - State School of Dance/Greece
Contemporary Dance, Merce Cunningham Studio/New York
Release Dance Techniques & Contact Improvisation, Movement Research/New York


The Alexander S. Onassis Foundation (2 years)
Eliza & Vassilis Goulandris Foundation (2 years)
Merce Cunningham Studio (2 years)


1st award at the Rallou Manou choreography competition
2nd award of the Bagnolet International choreography Competition
1st award for choreography for theatre – Greek Curators

Other Skills

Hatha Yoga

Shamanic practises

Craniosacral Therapy

Classical Guitar 

Alexander Technique 

Rescue Scuba Diver – Padi

English language

Artistic Career

Apostolia has been directing large scale projects but also small scale projects, continuously researching and creating in Greece and abroad.

From 1996 until 2001 she was the Artistic Director of the collective Sinequanon Dance Co. and a leader for the development of contemporary dance in Greece. At that period she created several full-evening pieces for the company and presented them in Greece, Italy, Denmark, Germany, Cyprus, Finland, France: Transmutations, Jarden, Buster Keaton, Eros and Psyche, Temps Tendre, Tour de Force (honorary distinction at the International Choreographic Competition of Seine - Saint - Denis ’96). 

In September 2002 she founded Quasi Stellar - inspired by quasi stellar radio sources ,the most energetic and distant members of a class of objects that are extremely luminous and were first identified as being high redshift sources of electromagnetic energy-aiming to research and develop more her vision. Since then Quasi Stellar has collaborated with acclaimed Greek and foreign artists of all disciplines and presented works in major festivals in Greece and abroad; Fabricca Europa, Aerowaves, Julidans, etc. Her projects have been performed in Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brasil, Colombia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Israel, Italy, Korea, Lithuania, Macedonia, The Netherlands, Portugal, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, Turkey, the UK and the US. 

In 2015 she created Drops of Breath, the 1st Underwater performance in the world with underwater audience and underwater music aiming to discover a new territory for performing arts where gravity is very different than the land and where all the dance skills of the dancers are depended on different circumstances.

Drops of Breath is part of THE UNDERWATER HEART OF THE MEDITERANNEAN –a Creative Europe 2015-16 Project that includes also conferences and workshops .Apostolia was the project leader for Greece ,collaboration with organizations from France, Cyprus, Lebanon and Portugal. The project found full support from institutional sponsors such as The Periphery of Attica,The Greek Ministry of Culture, Ministry of Tourism and Ministry of Foregn affairs as well as private sponsors such as Aegean , Opel, Cocomat a.o.

In 2004, Apostolia Papadamaki was the appointed choreographer for the 12th Paraolympic Games Opening Ceremony at the Olympic Stadium of Athens. She created a 25 minutes choreography of “Humanity” with 250 professional dancers and 350 amateurs which had great response from both national and international press and audiences. She also directed/ choreographed the opening ceremony for the European Gymnastics championship in Volos 2006 and the opening ceremony for the European Youth Presidency of Greece Athens 2005.

Simultaneously with developing her own work, has been commissioned to create choreographic works for other dance groups at the Zodiak - Center for New Dance – Helsinki (Finland), National Theatre of Nothern Greece, M.T.D. Opera – Ankara (Turkey), Brooklyn Academy of Music (USA) etc. She has been choreographing for theatre and opera and films in Greece and abroad. She has choreographed more than 15 productions for the National Theatre of Greece and 5 films. She has directed the 3 hour opera by Claudio Mondeverdi, Incoronazzione di Poppea for the Athens festival 2011. She has been collaborating with Belgian Director and Visual artist Jan Fabre since 2001 as a performer or researcher in major festivals around the world.

Administrative & Organizational skills

  • The Happiness Retreat founder & teacher
  • Biomatic Anatomy Method founder & teacher
  • Project Leader for Greece The Underwater Heart of the Mediterannean EU program Creative Europe (2015-2016)
  • Project Leader Taxidromion Festival with the EU support (Kaleidoscope 1999)
  • President, Board of Directors at the State School of Dance (2004-06)
  • Artistic Director of Dimitria International Festival in Thessaloniki for dance (2013)
  • Member of the Board, Centre for Ancient Greek Drama ( 2004-16)
  • Member of the Board International Institute for Theatre – Greek Department (2006-08)
  • Member, Board of Directors at The Athens Concert Hall (2016-2019)

Apostolia Papadamaki ‘s works have been presented in the following Festivals

L.E.V. –Spain /Euro –scene Leipzig –Germany /International Kalamata dance festival-Greece /
International Festival Of Bogota-Colombia /Laboral Escena-Gijon-Spain /
Teatro Fondamente Nuove-Venice-Italy /Gallus Theater- Frankfurt /
Opera Estate Festival- Bassano-Italy /Seogham Arts Center-Seoul /
Mess Theater Festival-Sarajevo /Escena Contemporanea-Madrid /Fabbricca Europa-Florence /
Short Formats-Milan /Civitanova Danza-Civitanova-Italy /Teatro Out /Off-Milan /
Mladi Levi-Lubljana /Julidans-Amsterdam /Aerowaves-London /
Leap-Liverpool /Dance Europa-Tel Aviv /
International Dance Festival-Sao Paolo /2nd Balkan Dance Platform-Scopje /
Nadine-Brussels /E.L.D-Sweden /Lithuanian International Dance Festival- Kaunas /
New Baltic Dance Festival – Vilnius /No Fundo Do Fundo-Lisbon /Faro

She is teaching workshops around the globe at the following subjects

  • Biomatic Anatomy

  • Pulse /Impulse Dance

  • Floating Body

  • Contemporary dance-Release technique