Performance Artist


Site specific performance

Delos Island, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, was in the ancient Greek world a sacred space and the bank of the Athenians for sea salt; the currency of those times, that was more valuable than gold. Dying or giving birth was prohibited on the island on religious grounds.Delos today is uninhabited. It is a huge natural museum of ruins.

A Place to Be

National theater is a 1930 s building created by german arcitect Ernest Chiller. It is located in the heart of Athens and was recently rennovated. It is called a golden cage because the locals around it are emmigrants, homeless and drug addicts. Apostolia Papadamaki created this performance in a very dangerous era for greece to set up questions about Crisis/Art/ Humanity.

Princess and the Pea / Greek National Opera

Apostolia Papadamaki directed and choreographed Hans Christian Andersen's fairy tale for the Greek National Opera with focus on visualising Toch’s music with the aim of creatively communicating it to children’s audiences.

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