Anamnesis / The Dream and Sleep Performance series / Delos

Experiential Performance Art in Celebration of Sacred Spaces
Anamnesis Dream and Sleep Performance - Poster
The performance has received unanimous approval from the Central Archaeological Council of Greece, is co-funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture, is implemented in cooperation with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades and it is under the auspices of the Greek National organization for Tourism.

Full Moon of September / Saturday 14.9.2019 from 17.30 to 23.30

Concept, Choreography and Direction: Apostolia Papadamaki

The transcendental world of Apostolia Papadamaki meets the multicultural universe of the Delos sacred island, an archaeological site of unspeakable beauty, enlisted in Unesco's World Cultural Heritage List. 

To attend the performance kindly scroll down this page and click on the ATTENDANCE FORM.

Anamnesis / Delos / Interview Apostolia Papadamaki Eng. from Apostolia Papadamaki on Vimeo.


Continuing her life long Dream and Sleep project series, on significant archeological sites and with the intention to highlight the invaluable spiritual value of Delos, Apostolia, in collaboration with outstanding performers and colleagues, creates a site-specific performance at the central archaeological site of Delos, offering a fascinating experiential participatory experience to the audience, from sunset to the Full Moon rising midnight (6 hours), that marks the relationship of man with the divine, explores the realm of sleep & dream as a creative process and amplifies the spectator's connection with the geological, archeological and mythical features of Delos.

Anamnesis Rehearsal - 1

Anamnesis is an experiential multidisciplinary performance in celebration of sacred spaces, inspired by the Platonic idea of Remembrance. The first part of the performance, is an invitation to the viewer to witness, see and feel the hidden values that are deeply rooted in the land of Delos while the second part is calling him to a harmonious dance with history and mythology, seeking to awaken its imagination and sensitivity so as to achieve unity with its cultural heritage, nature and itself.

The "geography" of the performance will be actually created by the spectators as they walk through the ancient paths discovering the performers incubated amongst the temples and ancient ruins, making their own decisions on how they move in time and space.

Anamnesis Rehearsal - 2

Anamnesis is a call for the visionaries, the spiritual seekers, the Lovers of the brilliant beauty of ancient soil and stone.

We invite you to open your mind and heart and join as a collective of witnesses and co creators that will journey in golden spirals of time on the sacred island of Delos, the island of sun and moon, the place where light was born.

Anamnesis Rehearsal - 5

How to attend Anamnesis Dream and Sleep Performance

The performance has free entrance but reservation by name is mandatory.

Kindly read the guidlines below and then fill up the attendance form below:

You need to travel to Mykonos island, Greece. You have to be at the old harbor of Mykonos on Saturday September 14 the latest by 16.00 at the kiosk of Delos Tours to buy the special boat ticket for the performance that will be under your name. The boat ticket cost 20 euros with return per person. The boat will be departing from Mykonos at 17.00 and from Delos at 12.00 midnight. Trip duration: 30 minutes

You are kindly requested to wear comfortable clothes and particularly comfortable shoes, since you need to walk amongst the ancient ruins to see the performance actions that cover a big part of the archaeological site.

We recommend that you keep extra clothes with you, depending on the day’s weather, plus a torch (preferably a head torch) a bottle of water and a cloth to sit or lie down during the last part of the performance [ reading of dreams, hymns and literary texts]

There will be no place to leave your personal belongings so you will need to carry them with you.

Mobile phones will be switched off. No videos or photos will be allowed during the performance. You will receive visual material from Anamnesis by email a month after the performance.

To join us fill in the ATTENDANCE FORM.

Anamnesis Rehearsal - 4

Anamnesis Rehearsal - 6

The performance has received unanimous approval from the Central Archaeological Council of Greece, is co-funded by the Greek Ministry of Culture and is implemented in cooperation with the Ephorate of Antiquities of Cyclades.

Anamnesis Rehearsal - 3


Artistic Team

Concept,Choreography and Direction:Apostolia Papadamaki
Original Music Composition: Trifon Koutsourelis
Costumes: Ioanna Tsami
Performers ( Movement, Voice, Words): Poliana Dimitropoulou, Plotinos Eliadis, Max Friedstein, Irini Kirmizaki, Apostolos Kousinas, Billio Marneli, Olia Mourouzidou, Apostolia Papadamaki, Maria Papageorgiou (Lead Vocals), Antonis Strouzas, Thodoris Chiotis
Project Manager: Ioanna Sakketa
Graphic / Visual designer & photographer: Areion Stefanidis
Text editing: Eleni Tzavara, Thanos Tzavaras, Maria Sinouri
Assistant to the Choreographer/ Director: Thanos Tzavaras
Special collaborators: Stacey Harris Papaioannou, Despina Economopoulou, Menia Kiosse
Press & Communication: Xenia Stouka

Delos island

Ancient temple in Delos island

Lions on Delos island


Choreographer’s / Director’s  Personal Note

“ The motivational power behind this creation is Plato’s philosophical concept that we, humans, possess innate knowledge which is called idea and lies in the heavenly realms and we can access this wisdom by remembering or recollecting memory from archetypal movements, sounds, forms and words.

Anamnesis dream and sleep performance, combines multiple tools of expression, activating different levels of perception, exploring seen and unseen realms of reality.
By merging performance art with ancient wisdom, tangible and intangible cultural heritage and science, Anamnesis aims to heighten the awareness of human existence, to increase the realisation of human potential and to challenge the collective self-imposed limits  about our origins, our relationship with the existing world / the cosmos and the role of humankind in it.

Using the unprecedented, multidimensional archaeological site of Delos, dance movements draw inspiration from mythology and sculpture, music from mathematics and architecture and words combine reality with the non-reality of dreams. Past, present and future are simultaneously present, allowing us to explore the states of harmony and vibration of our collective memory, how flow or consciousness moves from one person to the other and how an invisible power related to spirit or ether keeps us connected to the source of creation.”

More about Apostolia Papadamaki

Apostolia Papadamaki at Delos

"We are called to remember who we are and where we come from. We are called to reunite all the pieces of our soul so we can become the best human we can be."  A.P.


Delos island, Greece