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12th Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony
Apostolia Papadamaki - 12th Paralympic Games Opening Ceremony, Athens 2004

Taking place around a 26 meter high tree, the Opening Celebration featured over 1600 performers and volunteers. Giant monumental projection on the tree and field of play, Apostolia Papadamaki’s original choreography of “humanity” and musical performances were combined to create a show on the theme of the universal elements from which mankind draws its strength and life force.


Design and Direction : Yves Pépin and Martin Arnaud
Choregraphy : Apostolia Papadamaki
Costumes : Dulcie Best
Music and Soundtrack : Philippe Villar / Pascal Lengagne
Pyrotechnic Design : Christophe Bertonneau
Light Design : Laurent Boillot
Monumental Images : Christophe Bertiaux
Production Manager : Jean Christophe Canizares
Technical Director : Guillaume Duflot
Production ECA2 -

Assistants to the Choreographer: Markella Manoliadi, Kostas Tsioukas, Constantina Georgelou, Patricia Apergis.

Principal Dancers : Markella Manoliadi, Kostas Tsioukas, Lenio Kaklea, Tasos Karachalios, Stella Zannou,

250 Dancers–Actors
300 Volunteer, Amateur Dancers-Actors.

Olympic Stadium, Athens