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Uninhabited / Delos, Performance Art

The Death series#3
Apostolia Papadamaki - Uninhabited

Site specific performance

Delos Island, the birthplace of Apollo and Artemis, was in the ancient Greek world a sacred space and the bank of the Athenians for sea salt; the currency of those times, that was more valuable than gold. Dying or giving birth was prohibited on the island on religious grounds.Delos today is uninhabited. It is a huge natural museum of ruins.

Working with the collective unconscious and female  archetypes is my main task in this performance. I take the touristic boat from Mykonos island that is visiting the island of Delos once a day when the weather conditions are good. The day of the performance the weather conditions where quite dangerous since the wind was so strong  that the boat was struggling to reach Delos island. I finally arrive on the island of Delos as a tourist and I start walking towards the Altar of Zeus as a pregnant woman that’s determined  to give birth with her belly filled with nine kilos of pure sea saltI climb up to the Altar in pain. The Altar is located in the highest point of the island (distance from the port of Delos 2km). I finally embody giving birth to 9 kilo of salt and the salt as a new born life, surrounds the altar.

Concept/ Performer: Apostolia Papadamaki
Currator: Sozita Goudouna
Costume: Ioanna Tsami

Altar of Zeus, Delos Island, Greece