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Director - Choreographer

Synergy - 12th Paralympic Games opening Ceremony, Athens 2004
Vima Argo - European Gymnastics Championship 2006 Opening Ceremony
Handbook for the Change of the World - European Youth Week 2005, Special Performance
Hippolytos Fragments - Theater 2014
Cabbages and Titter (original title: Lahana ke Hahana) - Childrens Musical 2012-13
Incoronazzione di Poppaia - Baroque Opera 2011
Remember Those Years - Operetta 2008
Jokasta - Contemporary Opera 2007
Electric Girl - Mixed Media Performance 2008
Superlux - Dance Interactive Performance 2006
Human Female Study (The Beauty Series) 2004
Male Study (The Beauty Series) 2005
Hermaphrodite (The Beauty Series) 2006
Icon Skin (The Beauty Series) 2004
Arena Metropolity - Dance Performance 2004
Paradise - Look Into My Eyes - Dance Performance 2002
Transmutations - Dance & Music Installation Performance 2001
Eros Pandoriana Pandora 2001
Xenakis an Hommage 2000
Jarden - Dance & Live Music Performance 1999
Buster Keaton - Dance & Film Performance 1999
Tems Tendre - Dance Performace 1997
Tour de Force - Dance Performance 1996
The B Room - Dance Performance 1995

Choreographies for Theatre Productions

National Theatre of Greece

Electra 1996
Flandro 2013
Frenapati (Illusion Comique) 2010
The Third Crown 2009
The Persians 2005
Andromahi 2008
The Persians 2008
Joan d Arc 2009
Ion 2003
Trisevgeni 2011

Badminton Theatre

Mouthaousen 2012-13
Life of Mikis Theodorakis (original title: Poios Ti Zoi Mou) 2012-15
The Song (original title: To Tragoudi)

National Opera House

Chessboard Fugitives 1999
Ballo di Mascera 2011

Athens Festival

Pappissa Ioanna 2014
Teratodes Aristourgima
History of a Soldier 1998
Farma Zoon 2012

Brooklyn Academy of Music – New York

Mysteries of Eleusis 1999

Choreographies for Movies and TV Commercials


Puppets (original title: Marionetes)
Kings of Mykonos
Akin (Short Film)

TV Commercials

Corona Beer/ Mexican Tv (Greenolive Films)
Toyota Auris (Avion Films)
Kings of Mykonos (Movie - G.O. Films Australia)

Ant1 IDs

Toyota Auris
Nivea France
Bonduelle France

Performance Artist

Collaboration with Jan Fabre
Kappatos Rooms
Human Rights (original title: Anthropina Dikaomata)
Ddd Monastiraki
Ddd Artefacts
The Death Series

Community Work-Positions in Art Organisations

Festival Director
Dimitria Festival
State School of Dance
Center for Ancient Greek Drama
Dance Basin Mediterranee