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Quasi Stellar - dancetheater/ non profit organisation

Apostolia Papadamaki - Quasi Stellar

“ Beauty is in the eye of the beholder ” Plato

Quasi Stellar

  • is a creative structure founded by Apostolia Papadamaki in 2001 to produce, support and present staged and performance art via systematic research and experimentation, creating new performance codes or using existing codes and transforming them.​
  • aims to expand the horizons of the performance / dance genre. The body in all its forms is the subject of this research, always looking for a certain quality of transcendence, a strong sense of humanism and spirituality.
  • seeks new ways of developing, new ways of expressive means, new ways of interpretation, and new relations with other forms of contemporary art.
  • believes in collective work as means for the personal development of its interpreters. All the participants, performers/artists, experience that creation is a personal deposit and a collective affair.
  • interacts in public spaces, organizes lectures and workshops, invites all kinds of different artists to participate in performances and debates.
  • organizes, participates and initiates educational programs and workshops targeted at professionals as well as non professionals, handicaps and non handicaps, children and adults.

Quasi Stellar productions have been presented nationally and internationally: the Int. Theater Festival Bogota, Int. Contemporary Dance Festival Brazil, Athens Festival, Mess Theater Festival Bosnia, Aerowaves London, Tanec Praha, Julidans Amsterdam, Danc Europa Israel, Euro-scene Leipzig, Kalamata International Festival, Fabbrica Europa, Civitanova Danza, Opera Estate Festival Italy, Julidans Holland, New Baltic Dance Festival Lithuania, Sibiu Fest Romania, No Fundo di Fundo Portugal, Leap Festifal U.K., Festival Escena Contemporanea Spain a.o.


Drops of Breath (2015)
Drops of Peace (2015) 
The Death Series (2010-2015)
Lux Aeterna (2011)
Memorandum (2010)
Electric Girl (2008)
Mano a Mano (2007)
Vima Argo - (2006)
Superlux (2006)
Handbook for the Change of the World (2005)
Anatomy of Memory (2005)
12th Paraolympic Games Opening Ceremony (2004)
Arena Metropolity (2004)
The Beauty Series: Human Female Study, Male Study, Hermaphrodite, Icon Skin (2004-6) 
Paradise, LookintoMyEyes (2003)
TheDeclineAndFallOfbeauty (2002)
Transmutations: (2001)

Sponsors since 2001

Hellenic Ministry of Culture
Hellenic Secretariat for Youth
Hellenic Ministry of Foreign Affairs
A. S. Onassis foundation
J.C. Kostopoulos foundation

Artists / Collaborators

Markella Manoliadi
Dimitris Kaminaris
Hara Kotsali
Apostolos Fragos
Constantina Georgelou
Tasos Karahalios
Blaine Reinninnger
Ioanna Tsami
Konstantinos Zamanis
Nikolas Vassileiou
Lefteris Pavlopoulos
Michalis Kloukinas
Kostas Tsioukas
Patricia Apergis