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Workshops & Retreats

"The more we discover the miracle of our own body structure, of our individual movement patterns and emotional habits, the more we realize that we are at home. Our body is our primary home. I will share with you the secrets of my own pathway and practice. I will guide you where to “see” in order to discover your body & soul and how to become creative researchers and defenders of your own beauty. Everybody is welcome. I believe that every human can find a new way of living through mindful movement. In my teaching methods there are no boundaries of age, body form, nationality, identity."

Apostolia Papadamaki



The Happiness Retreat with Apostolia Papadamaki

The Happiness Retreat is an invitation into a powerful life transformation. An open hearted and truthful experience through Yoga, Dance, Mindfulness & Riuals in the blessed ancient land of Greece. Envisioned by its founder Apostolia Papadamaki, an internationally acclaimed choreographer, performance artist, spiritual thinker & teacher, THR promises a holistic life experience. Awakens the senses in breathtaking locations, offers bespoke accommodation, nourishes with healthy Greek dishes mindfully prepared with seasonal and organic ingredients. But most of all opens up the space for bliss with its heartfelt practices: a harmonious blend of Yoga, Dance, Singing, Sharing Circles and Rituals in Nature that expand the conscious self and integrate spirituality. Being thankful to her course of life, Apostolia is sharing generously her insightful guidance, empathy and personal attention to all the beautiful souls that are joining our small numbered retreats as well as our tailor made corporate yoga and wellness retreats.



Apostolia Papadamaki - Biomatic Anatomy


Biomatic Anatomy Method is a holistic approach of experiential Anatomy founded by Apostolia Papadamaki in 2010 after 20 years of ongoing study and research.

A comprehensive understanding of the function and design of the human body in connection with emotional intelligence and soul alignment, Biomatic Anatomy teaches a deep embodiment of anatomical principles and biomechanical rules of the human body.

You will learn experientially how your body is designed to function, but you will also gain profound insights on your emotional and mental habits that prohibit your movement freedom and vice versa by re-membering your own cellular skeletal wisdom.
Skeleton and bones, the way to  movement freedom.

We explore the human skeleton, the  joints and how they operate to create the greatest possible space while moving. The lack of space between the joints restricts mobility and very often leads to the creation of pain.

Have you ever thought how much wisdom has your spine;
How is the construction of and how great its mobility;

Learning how to think of  bones when we move , instead of muscles, increases mobility  flexibility, motion becomes  much lighter and relaxed and muscles work  with the wright effort- the minimum- as much as we need to make a move.We aim to realise our movement patterns and to replace them with new movement patterns that allow the joints to work fully with the necessary muscle involvement.

At the same time, the release of bones of our body, improves mobility, creates mental euphoria,and  releases tensions that are related to psychological reasons and correspond to movement habits. Enriching  the knowledge for our bones through BiomaticAnatomy acquire consciousness and awareness of all of ourselves.

Biomatic Anatomy Method is a transformative tool for teachers and practitioners of any movement and therapeutic technique: Dance, Yoga, Martial Arts, Bodywork, Somatics, Physiotherapy, Massage etc and those interested in improving their everyday life deepening their connection to their body/mind/soul.

Theory, Practice, Embodiment:

-We  realize our own skeletal structure and function.

- We learn the techniques of tracing the bones-tracking of bone and moving the bones -kinisis bone-counter muscle. Muscles can never be moved independently of each other, but always in cooperation or opposed.

-We use mindful breathing to learn how to move the joints without pain, but with freedom

- Partner Work: We help each other with conscious touch, (mindful touch) to recognize the maximum range of movement of our basic passive joints, aiming to capitalize on when moving assets.

Apostolia Papadamaki





Apostolia Papadamaki practicing spirit contact dance

The invitation is to open our heart space, celebrate true freedom and creativity, allowing the Spirit to Breathe, Dance and Sing playfully through us, so we can honor our authenticity and at the same time exist As One.

Through a unique combination of movement, breath, rhythm, pulse, sentient motion, sound, and voice practices, Apostolia will guide, inspire and empower us on how to use the body as a portal to:

Access pure life force
Unleash our creativity
Remember our birthright to be a free creative being
Transform our “limitations” to infinite possibilities
Become a loving community that breaths, sings, and moves AS one.

Spirit Contact Dance can also happen outdoors in any part of Nature. It invites you to awaken your wilderness and embody oneness between us human beings and the elements of Nature.

We use Contact Improvisation as a form of creative communication, interaction and connection between our body’s inner spirit and the spirit of a Plant, of a Tree, of Soil, of a River, Lake,  Sunbeams or Moonlight!

Spirit Contact Dance technique will teach you how to remember you already contain the wisdom and qualities of Nature so you can move into the pure love of oneness.

A full sensory experience, that creates alchemy between our body and the Elements in a very grounding way! Be prepared to shift your consciousness and really interact with Nature!



Apostolia Papadamaki practicing Water healing

On the warm shallow waters of the sea or in the Pool, Spa, Jacuzzi (1m-1.20m depth)

We work one to one or in couples or in group. We learn how to float on the surface of the water, by connecting deeply with our breath.Then we start floating each other and move gently, slowly, surrendering and trusting our re-membering of being in the womb of the mother.

Gentle, gradual twists and manipulations as well as passive stretches will raise our consciousness for how much freedom we can have when we move. Many associate water with the body's deepest states of relaxation. We all grew up in the womb of a mother. Our body consists of 70% water.

The support of water takes weight off the vertebrae and allows the spine to be moved in ways impossible on land. During our Water Spirit Contact Dance or Healing session, a range of emotions can come up and be released into the process of continuous flow.

Our connection with our breath, takes on a new dimension while floating in the water trusting ourselves to the hands of a fellow human. Experiencing both giving and receiving this most nurturing form of liquid bodywork can help heal any wounds of separation we carry and renew our sense of connection and oneness with all living beings.